Mr. Creepy

Mr. Creepy if you’re nasty – A Fort Myers mom called 911 after her young daughter, 9, told her that she saw a man ’being really nasty in the bushes’ near a school bus stop.  He disappeared before deputies could nab him. But the man did a repeat performance on another morning. This time a neighbor got to the man and held him in a headlock until deputies arrived.

Florence Franciscans Revenge – A rare and expensive Bible vanished from the lectern this week, and a replacement donated by a worshipper disappeared a few hours later. A notice put up by Franciscan friars at an ancient church in Florence says they hope the thief sees the error of his ways but if not, “we pray to God that the thief is struck by a strong bout of the squirts,” the Guardian reports. “It is not exactly clean language,” one friar admitted, “but we couldn’t put up with it any longer. The Lord and the faithful will understand.”

Meat my Basil – Police in Florida say they arrested a woman accused of throwing a potted basil plant at her husband during an argument about his cooking. Port St. Lucie police said Andrea Antoine-Pierre, 52, arrived home Monday while her 60-year-old husband was preparing food in the kitchen.  They then began to argue about what type of meat was supposed to be cooked,” the police report states. The husband told police he was walking away from Antoine-Pierre when she threw a large basil plant, which struck his left shoulder. He said she tried to throw rocks at him outside but did not make contact. Antoine-Pierre told police she threw the plant on the ground and the dirt “must have bounced” to get on her husband’s shoulder.  Antoine-Pierre was arrested on a domestic battery charge and a report did not specify the type of meat that was being cooked.

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