Freak News for Tuesday 9/13


Alien abduction or this kid is handful! – A 3-year-old Canadian boy who was kidnapped five days ago has been returned home apparently unharmed, appearing on his family’s sofa before dawn as mysteriously as he disappeared, reports the Toronto Sun. Police, who had 60 officers on the case, suspect a convicted sex offender took Kienan Hebert from his bed last week, but were surprised when they received an anonymous phone call saying the child had been returned home early yesterday. Hebert’s family had been staying in another home since the kidnapping.

The perfect horror story plot – Milton Ellis, 69, told police that he met Josephine Smith, 22, at a Shell gas station. After the woman was unsuccessful at contacting family in Pensacolato pick her up, Ellis invited Smith to hang out with him at an abandoned Hooters restaurant until she found a ride. Ellis eventually fell asleep in his motorized wheelchair. When he awoke, Smith was on top of him biting his face and neck! She bit of chunks from his face and part of his lip. He was able to escape and fled to the gas station and called for help. When police arrived, Ellis told them the Smith was at the vacant Hooters. Police found Smith half naked and covered in blood. The woman was uninjured and told police she didn’t remember what had happened. Smith was arrested and Bail was set at $50,000. Ellis required stitches after the attack.

He’s got it in the bag – A Swedish man had a “blackout”  at a Swedish supermarket.  We don’t know the cause of his blackout…although we can make a pretty close guess because he was lying next to a 9 pound bag of meth. Turns out the 58-year-old man whose name hasn’t been released had been arrested earlier that day on drunk and disorderly charges and was going to deliver the “goods” to another guy.  Police say he took the drugs to the store with him because he did not want to let the bag out of his sight.

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