Freak News for Tuesday 9/20


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What a pain in the butt! - Park offi­cials in China have found a way to stop peo­ple from hog­ging their benches for too long – by fit­ting steel spikes on a coin-operated timer. If vis­i­tors at the Yan­tai Park in Shan­dong province, east­ern China, linger too long with­out feed­ing the meter, dozens of sharp spikes shoot through the seat. The spikes are too short to cause any seri­ous harm, but long enough to pre­vent peo­ple from sit­ting on them comfortably.

Three kids in Atlanta, Geor­gia, broke into a home where they washed a dog in the bath­tub, brushed their teeth, and then had a birth­day party includ­ing cake. They then made it really easy for police to find them because they left behind a cam­era. Rod­er­ick Ward says he was gone for 10 days and became sus­pi­cious when he real­ized his air con­di­tioner was run­ning and his back doors were unlocked. Offi­cers iden­ti­fied the three kids in the pho­tos and con­tacted their par­ents — who apol­o­gized. Ward says he does not plan to press charges but he’s pissed he didn’t get any cake.

Send in the clowns - Two gun-waving rob­bers dressed in clown makeup and wigs robbed a Den­ver jew­elry store byrough­ing up employ­ees and strip­ping dis­play cases clean. They made off with the loot after a 15-minute rob­bery, but there’s a catch: The pre­cious stones aren’t so pre­cious. Turns out that because of the sky­rock­et­ing price of the shiny things one finds in jew­elry stores, dis­play cases are full of imi­ta­tions. The store owner said, “You don’t want to get killed over any­thing, but espe­cially if it’s not real.”  Pam Ander­son has said the same thing.

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