Freak News for Tuesday 9/27

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B movie fest – Piranhas have been attacking beachgoers in northeastBrazil. 100 people who braved the water last weekend had their toes or heels bitten, badly enough that they were treated at a local hospital. “Since they have no predators, piranhas have started attacking people on the beach,” explains a local official. In an effort to sate the piranhas’ hunger, officials are introducing tilapia into the waters. Wouldn’t you warnpeople NOT to get into the waters with FLESH eating piranhas????  You’ll be fine, they’ll only eat your toes.

A burglar in St. Louis  proved himself to be a real pig – after pausing mid-robbery to fry up a pan full of bacon. Kenya Ealy returned to her home and tried to open the kitchen door, but couldn’t — because Damon Petty was holding it closed from the inside. When she finally did make it in, she found him standing over the stove, tending to a pan of pork products.  Which may not seem odd except Ealy had no idea who this guy was!  Ealy and a friend struggled with Petty and managed to call cops, who arrived to grill him — and find some items from the home stuffed into his pockets.

Phony cops & robbers – Wilnelia Caraballo, walked into a FL. convenience store at 5:51 a.m. Sunday and went behind the counter. Since she didn’t work there, one of the clerks who had been stocking a cooler at the time, spotted her and shouted “Palm Baypolice, get on the ground!” Investigators said it shook Caraballo up so badly that she flung herself on the ground and a second clerk held her until officers arrived.  She may have gotten away with it too if she hadn’t worn a clear plastic mask and carried an “Uzi-type” toy gun and been 3 sheets to the wind!

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