Freak News for Tuesday 9/27

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B movie fest - Pira­nhas have been attack­ing beach­go­ers in north­east­Brazil. 100 peo­ple who braved the water last week­end had their toes or heels bit­ten, badly enough that they were treated at a local hos­pi­tal. “Since they have no preda­tors, pira­nhas have started attack­ing peo­ple on the beach,” explains a local offi­cial. In an effort to sate the pira­nhas’ hunger, offi­cials are intro­duc­ing tilapia into the waters. Wouldn’t you warn­peo­ple NOT to get into the waters with FLESH eat­ing pira­nhas????  You’ll be fine, they’ll only eat your toes.

A bur­glar in St. Louis  proved him­self to be a real pig — after paus­ing mid-robbery to fry up a pan full of bacon. Kenya Ealy returned to her home and tried to open the kitchen door, but couldn’t — because Damon Petty was hold­ing it closed from the inside. When she finally did make it in, she found him stand­ing over the stove, tend­ing to a pan of pork prod­ucts.  Which may not seem odd except Ealy had no idea who this guy was!  Ealy and a friend strug­gled with Petty and man­aged to call cops, who arrived to grill him — and find some items from the home stuffed into his pockets.

Phony cops & rob­bers - Wilnelia Cara­ballo, walked into a FL. con­ve­nience store at 5:51 a.m. Sun­day and went behind the counter. Since she didn’t work there, one of the clerks who had been stock­ing a cooler at the time, spot­ted her and shouted “Palm Bay­po­lice, get on the ground!” Inves­ti­ga­tors said it shook Cara­ballo up so badly that she flung her­self on the ground and a sec­ond clerk held her until offi­cers arrived.  She may have got­ten away with it too if she hadn’t worn a clear plas­tic mask and car­ried an “Uzi-type” toy gun and been 3 sheets to the wind!

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