Freak News for Wed 12/7


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Boozing loser – North Carolina cops set up a DUI checkpoint with the slogan “booze it and lose it,” and it didn’t take long before they had a loser. Douglas Shane Southard was driving with a revoked license, happened to slam into the mobile unit at a high rate of speed. The city bus-sized unit was not damaged in the wreck, but Southard’s 1989 Camaro has probably seen its last drag race. The 21-year-old was charged with reckless driving and, of course, DUI.

Shocking! – Darrell Horne and his accomplice Matthew Shrider jumped into an unattended boat after their truck ran out of gas, leaving them no way to get to the other side of a local lake. A witness called police and when they arrived, they ordered the men to return to shore.  Instead of paddling back, he took off his clothes and jumped into the lake, cursing all the way. When cops hauled him in, he struggled and demanded to be tasered — a request that was soon granted. Horne apologized to deputies and thanked them for the jolt.

Ninja no no – A Florida man was spotted hiding in some bushes, clutching a machete and clad in an all-black ninja outfit, appeared to be disoriented, which he attributed to being in pain from a spider bite. His story was that he was going out to buy cigarettes for his girlfriend and needed “protection.”  He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

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