Freak News Wednesday 10/12

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Mom wears the pants - 18-year-old Luis Perez was hauled off after argu­ing with his mother, who insisted he clean up the mess in the home she’d left spot­less when she went off to work…and put on some pants. He responded with a string of obscen­i­ties and said he didn’t give a hoot if she called for rein­force­ments — and when police arrived, he sneered that they were break­ing the law by enter­ing his room with­out per­mis­sion.  He was charged with dis­or­derly con­duct for chal­leng­ing offi­cers’ author­ity and held on $5,000 bail.

Where a shave & a hair­cut will cost you a shot in the ass -  Kurt Voelkel anOhio bar­ber said as his cus­tomer was prepar­ing to sit down, a 9 mm hand­gun fell from his hol­ster. The gun dis­charged a round, which went through the chair and Voelkel’s wal­let before end­ing up lodged in his but­tocks. Voelkel was treated at a nearby hos­pi­tal and said doc­tors left the bul­let inside of him. “If I really get in there and push, I can feel it. But other than that, I can’t.” The bar­ber said he will not press charges against the long­time cus­tomer because it was an acci­dent — and the man is tak­ing care of his med­ical bills.


Short cut - A Florida cop spot­ted Travis Pavlovski run­ning from a sport­ing goods store with an arm­load of stolen goods, clad only in a pair of shorts. He gave chase, and when Pavolvski tried to vault a fence, he hit bot­tom — his own bot­tom, that is – because he lost his shorts mid­way over.  He man­aged to sneak into a nearby apart­ment build­ing, where he was going through clothes from a dryer, when a police dog took mat­ters into his own hands — or teeth — sink­ing them into a sen­si­tive spot and lead­ing to Pavlovski’s capture.



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