Freak News Wednesday 10/12

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Mom wears the pants – 18-year-old Luis Perez was hauled off after arguing with his mother, who insisted he clean up the mess in the home she’d left spotless when she went off to work…and put on some pants. He responded with a string of obscenities and said he didn’t give a hoot if she called for reinforcements — and when police arrived, he sneered that they were breaking the law by entering his room without permission.  He was charged with disorderly conduct for challenging officers’ authority and held on $5,000 bail.

Where a shave & a haircut will cost you a shot in the ass –  Kurt Voelkel anOhio barber said as his customer was preparing to sit down, a 9 mm handgun fell from his holster. The gun discharged a round, which went through the chair and Voelkel’s wallet before ending up lodged in his buttocks. Voelkel was treated at a nearby hospital and said doctors left the bullet inside of him. “If I really get in there and push, I can feel it. But other than that, I can’t.” The barber said he will not press charges against the longtime customer because it was an accident — and the man is taking care of his medical bills.


Short cut – A Florida cop spotted Travis Pavlovski running from a sporting goods store with an armload of stolen goods, clad only in a pair of shorts. He gave chase, and when Pavolvski tried to vault a fence, he hit bottom — his own bottom, that is – because he lost his shorts midway over.  He managed to sneak into a nearby apartment building, where he was going through clothes from a dryer, when a police dog took matters into his own hands — or teeth — sinking them into a sensitive spot and leading to Pavlovski’s capture.



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