Freak News for Wednesday 10/26


Jack­pot! - Motorists in Okla­homa ear­lier this week hit the jack­pot when a bag con­tain­ing tens of thou­sands of dol­lars fell off an unknown vehi­cle and burst open on Inter­state 40.  A para­medic who stum­bled onto the scene told police he saw gag­gles of peo­ple scram­bling after the spilled haul — which he esti­mated at about $30,000!  The hon­est EMT says he and a cou­ple of fel­low good Samar­i­tans man­aged to sal­vage a few grand, which he hoped to return to the right­ful owner.

They really didn’t pre­pare for this one -   Emily Rat­cliffe, 25, a Cana­dian nurse says she was help­ing her hus­band move a mat­tress into their new home when she unex­pect­edly went into labor!  Lit­er­ally, unex­pect­edly. She says she used to find it hard to believe some women aren’t aware of their preg­nan­cies, but she’s a believer now.  Lucky for her, the woman they bought the house from is also a nurse and hap­pened to be in the house and helped deliver the healthy, 7-pound baby girl.

Swing looow - A Cal­i­for­nia man needed the help of emer­gency respon­ders after he tried to get into the swing of things. The 21-year-old man made a $100 bet with friends and wedged him­self into the child’s swing, but needed to lube his body with liq­uid laun­dry deter­gent to get in — and didn’t save enough to get him­self out! His friends, took off after see­ing he was in dis­tress — leav­ing him to swing back and forth until six in the morn­ing.  Fire­fight­ers were called to cut the swing chains off, then the man was trans­ported to a hos­pi­tal to have the swing bod y cut off. We’re guess­ing that he’ll be using his win­nings for that E.R. co-pay

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