Freak News for Wednesday 10/26


Jackpot! – Motorists in Oklahoma earlier this week hit the jackpot when a bag containing tens of thousands of dollars fell off an unknown vehicle and burst open on Interstate 40.  A paramedic who stumbled onto the scene told police he saw gaggles of people scrambling after the spilled haul — which he estimated at about $30,000!  The honest EMT says he and a couple of fellow good Samaritans managed to salvage a few grand, which he hoped to return to the rightful owner.

They really didn’t prepare for this one –   Emily Ratcliffe, 25, a Canadian nurse says she was helping her husband move a mattress into their new home when she unexpectedly went into labor!  Literally, unexpectedly. She says she used to find it hard to believe some women aren’t aware of their pregnancies, but she’s a believer now.  Lucky for her, the woman they bought the house from is also a nurse and happened to be in the house and helped deliver the healthy, 7-pound baby girl.

Swing looow – A California man needed the help of emergency responders after he tried to get into the swing of things. The 21-year-old man made a $100 bet with friends and wedged himself into the child’s swing, but needed to lube his body with liquid laundry detergent to get in — and didn’t save enough to get himself out! His friends, took off after seeing he was in distress — leaving him to swing back and forth until six in the morning.  Firefighters were called to cut the swing chains off, then the man was transported to a hospital to have the swing bod y cut off. We’re guessing that he’ll be using his winnings for that E.R. co-pay

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