Freak News for Wednesday 10/5

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The lunatic is in the grass – The body of an American man obsessed with Queen Elizabeth II lay undiscovered for three years on an island in sight of Buckingham Palace. Robert Moore, who was in his late 60s, arrived in Britain in 2007 and appears to have lived in the undergrowth on a small island in St James’ Park, just 100 yards from the palace, until his death sometime in 2008. The island, accessible only by boat or by swimming or wading across the shallow lake, had a clear view of the palace. Moore sent hundreds of “strange and offensive” packages to the Queen over the years, including obscene photographs, boxes falsely warning that they contained dangerous substances, and letters up to 600 pages long.  His US passport and a pile of empty vodka bottles were found close to his skeletal remains, which were found earlier this year by a palace gardener. Officials don’t know what caused his death.

No harm, very foul –Indiana man Scott Grahg raised suspicions by driving erratically near the town ofMuncie, and admitted that he was wasted — but insisted he hadn’t done anything wrong because he hadn’t hit anyone in the process. Well, that depends because when the officer approached his car he tossed a container of urine out the window at him! OK, Maybe just a drop….

It’s not easy buying green –A Minnesota man’s plan to use three grand in fake money to buy a pound of pot went up in smoke. It might have been OK had the pot head checked his dealer’s phone number.  An officer was sitting in his cruiser when his cell phone rang.  The man on the other end asked “if he could deliver the goods.” The office was like “Ummmm, yeah!”  So they arranged a meet and when the guy and his buddy saw the cop car they ran for the hills. The two didn’t get far, and were cuffed on charges of possessing a small amount of pot and just over $3000 in counterfeit bills.

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