Freak News for Wednesday 11/23


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Touchy, Feely & Spooky – An elderly woman inEnglandhas been battling sexual harassment for more than four months, but cops aren’t able to do anything about it — because her assailant is a ghost!  Doris Birch says the incidents started over the summer while she was lying in bed, and says the episode is “very creepy” and has been giving her the jitters. She’s felt subtle groping as she slept, and describes the feeling as akin to being touched by an octopus.  Not many of us can make that comparison! While Birch’s minister says he’s unable to help, a local medium says he has a formula to send the sassy spirit back to the other side for good.

iPhone NOT uPhone – Los Angeles police say they nabbed an alleged purse snatcher last week with the help of the “Find My Phone” application on the woman’s iPhone.  After looking around the area, the officers spotted a man matching the thief’s description and detained him. Just to make sure they had the right guy, they dialed the number of the missing phone and it started ringing while in the suspect’s pocket. Oops.  Jason Topper Chatsworth was placed under arrest for suspicion of armed robbery. Bail for the parolee was set at a stiff $1 million; however, he was allowed to make a phone call.

Jesus does not approve – Shareca Jones was tracked down after police traced a package mailed to the jail from her mailing address.  She’d included two copies of the Good Book.  This under normal circumstances is a good thing but this time they were hollowed out and stuffed with crack cocaine, ecstasy pills and razor knives. To make matters worse when cops tracked her down and pulled her over, she was carrying a loaded handgun, drugs and a large amount of cash.  Not only is she going to jail but now she’s on her way to hell in a handbasket as well!

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