Real Life Doogie Howser

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A real life Doo­gie Howser - ABri­tish Colum­bia 12-year-old was watch­ing TV at 2 am when his mother called him in: She was hav­ing a baby. “The boy put his hands on his hips and said, ‘Mom, this is not going to be an at-home baby.’” But when it became clear that it would be and the baby’s head started to emerge, Gae­lan Edwards “grabbed the baby by the shoul­ders, with the head on his wrist, and pulled, Then he fetched some scis­sors and a clamp usu­ally used on plas­tic bags, which he used to cut the cord. Mom says he acted “just like by instinct,” but Gae­lan attrib­utes it to his mom’s med­ical books. “It was over the due date, so I’m like, ‘Oh, what­ever, I’ll start read­ing these books,” he says.

The “pee” IS the present! -It’s tough to find the per­fect birth­day gift, but an orga­ni­za­tion in Iowa has an idea that’s sure to make the giver number-one in the heart of a loved one — a pub­lic toi­let named in their honor.  The CSPS arts group in Cedar Rapids is ren­o­vat­ing its hall, and is sell­ing nam­ing rights to six uri­nals and 15 sit-down com­modes at 1,000 bucks a pop — a present sure to gen­er­ate streams of thank yous.  Now that’s what we call a birth­day potty!

Under “roos” - A domes­ti­cated kan­ga­roo in theCzechRe­pub­lic went in search of a new way to keep the bounce in his step and found it. Petr Hlabovic called­Prague police to report that his two-year-old pet ‘kan­ga­roo, Benji, had escaped. Around the same time, women started men­tion­ing that their unmen­tion­ables were dis­ap­pear­ing from clothes­lines in their yards — but cops didn’t think of putting the two inci­dents together until one woman caught Benji in the act.  His owner said, “I’ve got no idea what he thought he was up to — he cer­tainly didn’t pick up the habit from me.

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