Freak News for Wednesday 8/31

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Bun in the oven?  Not even close – The saints who work in emergency rooms bear witness to things that most of could never even dream up. For example, one woman was admitted to the ER complaining of abdominal pain. When doctors took a closer look they discovered an entire chicken…not in her stomach….She explained that she was not able to have children and was hoping the chicken would turn into a baby. Maybe she just wasn’t cooking her chicken/baby at the proper temperature.

Little Miss Make a Mess – Carole Green was fined $1,000 in July by a court inLeavenworth County,Kan., for littering the property of the same Bonner Springs resident “most afternoons” for the past two years. Green apologized and said the charge was a complete surprise. She said when she starts out in her SUV every day, and drinks a bottle of tea, it just happens that she finishes it at about the same spot on her journey — in front of Gary Bukaty’s property — and that’s where she tosses the bottle.

Hog n Jog & back again – The 21-year-old Canadian guy had a burger and at least two mugs of beer before sneaking out of a restaurant inVancouver. When his conscience got the best of them, he wandered into the gas station next door and held a screwdriver to the neck of the attendant until he got some cash — some of which he used to pay his tab. While he got away, he returned to the eatery less than an hour later for another brewski, at which point he was arrested on burglary charges.

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