Freak News for Wednesday 9/28

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Not an emer­gency — A deputy tried to flag down the uniden­ti­fied dri­ver for going 15 miles an hour over the speed limit nearParkC­ity, but he refused to stop — instead call­ing an emer­gency num­ber to say police “needed to leave him alone.” Offi­cers set up a road­block, com­plete with tire-popping spikes, but the 20-year-old sur­ren­dered before ruin­ing his radi­als.  A fam­ily mem­ber told author­i­ties that the man “had a bad morn­ing and wasn’t stop­ping for the cops. It was noth­ing more than that.”

A bath for 2 - A 65-year-oldMassachusetts man pleaded guilty to open and gross con­duct! Pros­e­cu­tors say a Mr. Bai­ley washed his car in the nude at pub­lic car­wash about 11 a.m. and a female cus­tomer called police.  Offi­cers arrived to find Bai­ley wear­ing a pair of shorts. Bai­ley, who was ordered to undergo coun­sel­ing and will be required to reg­is­ter as a sex offender, was placed on pro­ba­tion in 2002 for a sim­i­lar charge.

He’s doing time — A fel­low employee noticed that Otis Keene was wear­ing a watch that their store sold and became sus­pi­cious so he noti­fied secu­rity to keep an eye on him. Almost imme­di­ately, an offi­cer spot­ted­Keene pock­et­ing a pair of ear buds and detained him for ques­tion­ing — lead­ing him to con­fess to hun­dreds of dol­lars worth of thefts.  He’ll soon be doing time for larceny.

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