French fries could be detrimental to your sight

Although it’s a well-known fact that fast food poses some dan­ger to din­ers’ waist­lines, it appar­ently is a french friesthreat to their eyes as well.During an inci­dent at a McDonald’s in France, a woman suf­fered a scratched cornea after she was struck in the eye by a fly­ing French fry! The inci­dent occurred when another patron became annoyed at the slow ser­vice, tried to launch a French fry at a mem­ber of the McDonald’s staff and ended up hit­ting the inno­cent bystander in the eye! After miss­ing work, the woman decided to file a com­plaint with the police about the Jan. 17 inci­dent. A rep­re­sen­ta­tive from the McDonald’s did reach out to the vic­tim to apologize.

The day of the NFC Cham­pi­onship, Jer­sey City man Michael Charles had been drink­ing alco­hol for a few hours when he went to grab the last can of Pepsi from the refrig­er­a­tor when his brother asked him not to. Already upset because the San Fran­cisco 49ers were los­ing, Charles allegedly responded by hit­ting his brother in the head with a pipe. His brother fought back and stabbed Charles in the arm but was also stabbed sev­eral times in the chest with a small knife. Charles was charged with aggra­vated assault with a deadly weapon, pos­ses­sion of a weapon for an unlaw­ful pur­pose and unlaw­ful pos­ses­sion of a weapon.

An Indi­ana police chief run­ning for county sher­iff said it was “pure care­less­ness” that led to him shoot­ing him­self in the leg…while shop­ping at a gun store!  Con­nersville Police Chief David Coun­celler, who is run­ning for Fayette County sher­iff, said he had his 40-caliber out of its hol­ster Sat­ur­day to com­pare it to a newer model Glock at Wulf’s Gun Shop and the gun acci­den­tally dis­charged a round while he was return­ing it to the hol­ster!  Coun­celler said. “I felt [the gun] go in the hol­ster and I pushed it, but it was tan­gled in the mate­r­ial which caused it to dis­charge.” Luck­ily he was able to drive him­self to Fayette Regional Health Sys­tem, where he was treated for a flesh wound to the upper por­tion of his right thigh.  The chief joked about how the inci­dent could raise pub­lic­ity for his campaign.


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