Friday 02/17

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A very odd love “note” – Imag­ine com­ing home from work and dis­cov­er­ing a box on the porch.  Yay!  A present!  Not so much.  Port­land police say a heart was left in a box on the front porch of a home of James Lynch. The Ore­gon State Med­ical Examiner’s Office iden­ti­fied the organ as a cow heart, Lynch said there was a note left in the mail­box that said some­thing sim­i­lar to “my heart is yours for­ever.”  You know, this sounds unusual but in 7th grade after we dis­sected a frog I gave my crush the tongue.  Ok, it’s still unusual.

He’s the piano man - A Cana­dian man is singing the blues after land­ing in prison for open­ing his own piano bar — by break­ing into a stranger’s home and drunk­enly sit­ting down to play in the mid­dle of the night. Two teens who were vis­it­ing the home­owner on their vaca­tion were awak­ened by the sounds of some­one play­ing the piano. When one of the girls went to call cops, the man fired off some racial slurs, ran out­side and began rid­ing around on a skate­board he’d found in the yard. When offi­cers arrive to arrest the boozy Beethoven, they found a wrecked pick-up truck with three wheels and a bro­ken axle, which they believe the sus­pect crashed earlier.

Empty threats - A bunch of San Diego cops spent much of Tues­day after­noon engaged in a tense stand­off sur­round­ing a car at the side of a free­way.  The show­down began after offi­cers spot­ted the car on Inter­state 8 and called for rein­force­ments, who arrived and began nego­ti­at­ing via loud­speaker. After receiv­ing no response for two hours, they con­sulted with head­quar­ters and decided to send in a K-9 unit to fetch what they assumed was a sus­pect in a home inva­sion rob­bery.  The pooch didn’t bring any­thing back — because the car was com­pletely empty!

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