Friday 02/17

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A very odd love “note” – Imagine coming home from work and discovering a box on the porch.  Yay!  A present!  Not so much.  Portland police say a heart was left in a box on the front porch of a home of James Lynch. The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office identified the organ as a cow heart, Lynch said there was a note left in the mailbox that said something similar to “my heart is yours forever.”  You know, this sounds unusual but in 7th grade after we dissected a frog I gave my crush the tongue.  Ok, it’s still unusual.

He’s the piano man – A Canadian man is singing the blues after landing in prison for opening his own piano bar — by breaking into a stranger’s home and drunkenly sitting down to play in the middle of the night. Two teens who were visiting the homeowner on their vacation were awakened by the sounds of someone playing the piano. When one of the girls went to call cops, the man fired off some racial slurs, ran outside and began riding around on a skateboard he’d found in the yard. When officers arrive to arrest the boozy Beethoven, they found a wrecked pick-up truck with three wheels and a broken axle, which they believe the suspect crashed earlier.

Empty threats – A bunch of San Diego cops spent much of Tuesday afternoon engaged in a tense standoff surrounding a car at the side of a freeway.  The showdown began after officers spotted the car on Interstate 8 and called for reinforcements, who arrived and began negotiating via loudspeaker. After receiving no response for two hours, they consulted with headquarters and decided to send in a K-9 unit to fetch what they assumed was a suspect in a home invasion robbery.  The pooch didn’t bring anything back — because the car was completely empty!

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