Friday 10/05

Pennsylvania cops say 51-year-old Laura Pastor demanded money from a store register and whipped out a gun…er…her finger under her shirt. She pointed it at the clerk and said, “This is a stick up. Give me all the money.” The clerk, unsure whether or not the finger was loaded, handed over $148 in cash.  Pastor also snatched up a $5 bottle of pain reliever, which should help her with the legal headache she’s about to have. She’s in jail on robbery charges.

A man in Norway who got drunk and decided to sleep it off in the back seat of his car had a rude awakening when he woke up … in another country. Apparently while the 50-year-old man was snoozing, two women stole his car and drove to Sweden. Officers allowed him to spend the rest of the night in the police station and were giving him a ride to the train station the next morning when he spotted his car on the road. The two women, who police said were intoxicated, were arrested and the man’s car was returned to him.

According to the New Orleans Police Department, City Attorney Jason Cantrell, 43, was talking to a police officer inside Orleans Parish magistrate court when a joint fell out of his pocket and onto the floor in front of the officer. Cantrell was issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana and released. He has been suspended without pay.

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