Friday 10/12

Pennsylvania man Jeffrey McMullen walked into a bank where he was a regular customer and slipped a teller a note saying that he demanded one buck, only to be laughed off and sent to another window – where he tried again and got laughed off a second time. Eventually, one of the bank’s employees handed him a dollar from her purse, but he insisted on being taken into federal custody. He got part of that wish granted when local police arrived to take him in on a psychiatric hold to determine why he wanted to go to prison so badly.

A Florida man spoiled his young daughter’s birthday party by giving an uninvited guest the finger – after the man invaded the soiree with a machete and sliced the digit off his right hand!  The 42-year-old man, whose name was not released, was throwing a party for the little girl when an acquaintance showed up and began stealing beer – which led to a confrontation. When the host tried to stop the man from riding away on his bicycle, the beer thief pulled a machete out of his waistband, sliced the host, and then fled! The severed finger was reattached and the attacker was nailed … and all signs point to a conviction

A Michigan man’s neighbors were left thinking he was completely nuts after he burned down a large portion of their apartment complex while trying to cook dinner The man, whose name was not released, was on his third floor balcony when he got a hankering for some flash-roasted rodent, and broke out a blow torch and aimed it at a squirrel! He didn’t get too far into the cooking process when things got out of hand, leading to the flames hopping to the roof, then to upper floors of the building.  No one, other than the squirrel, was injured in the fire

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