Friday 10/19

When police in England responded to reports of a man walking around with a sword, they stumbled upon Colin Farmer, 61, who is blind … and was carrying his white stick. Police, mistaking the stick for a samurai sword, set upon Farmer and eventually Tased him, the man says. “I didn’t even know the police were there. I heard this man shouting,” he says. “I thought I was going to be attacked by hooligans. The next thing they fired a Taser at me! I just felt a thump in my back and I hit the ground. “Farmer says he then tried to explain he’s blind, but an officer kneeled on him and handcuffed him nonetheless, leaving bruises. A 27-year-old man who was actually carrying a sword was arrested later, and may face drunk and disorderly charges.

Siblings Robert and Amanda Laravee were caught trying to steal televisions from a bar in Springfield, Massachusetts. A witness told police that they were both in one of the bathrooms trying to rip a television off the wall. A manager was notified and he locked the pair in the bathroom until police arrived. When cops got there, the siblings denied that they were trying to steal the TV and claimed they were having sex. They, of course, didn’t realize that incest is illegal in Massachusetts and punishable by up to 20 years in prison. However, cops didn’t believe their story and busted them for larceny. The charges have since been dropped against Amanda, but Robert is still in trouble.

Barbara J. Nelson is suing the company and two employees of a Kansas City store after she drank most of a laxative-laced bottle of Coca Cola. An assistant manager at the store told police he was trying to teach a lesson to an employee who was “notorious” for stealing food out of an employee refrigerator. To do so, the manager opened two bottles of Coke and dumped 25 laxative pills in each, resealing the caps with glue so they wouldn’t be detected. The employee noticed the pills in the bottles and rather than throwing them out, he put them in a cooler for customers to buy. Security footage confirms Mrs. Nelson purchased one of the bottles and drank most of it before noticing the pills and returning to the store. While at the store she fell ill and paramedics took her to the hospital where she was treated for dehydration and cramps. A Family Dollar representative called Nelson later and offered her a $200 gift card. She turned them down and has filed a lawsuit. Documents show she is seeking “more than $25,000.” A lawyer said the figure is likely to be in “six figures.”

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