Friday 11/02

Wildlife author­i­ties in Alaska said they have killed a large brown
bear believed to be behind a series of res­i­den­tial break-ins.
Alaska Depart­ment of Fish and Game biol­o­gists said the griz­zly
bear, which is believed to have dam­aged sev­eral garage doors in
Anchorage’s Stuck­a­gain Heights neigh­bor­hood in attempts to gain
entry, the Anchor­age Daily News reported Thursday.Fish and Game
area wildlife biol­o­gist Jessy Coltrane said a post-mortem
exam­i­na­tion deter­mined the bear was not the same griz­zly
wounded by a res­i­dent last week after a string of chicken coop
raids.“We were hop­ing the chicken-eating bear was doing break–
ins,” Coltrane said.He said author­i­ties are on the look­out for a
sec­ond bear.

Author­i­ties said a fish hat worn by a Florida sus­pect led to the
arrests of two sus­pects who pleaded guilty to three bank
rob­beries. The FBI said Christo­pher Eugene Nichols, who pleaded
guilty Tues­day to four counts stem­ming from the 2011 rob­beries,
was arrested along­side accom­plice Damon James Davi­son after a
Boyn­ton Beach code com­pli­ance offi­cer found a fish-themed
base­ball cap worn dur­ing the rob­beries Sept. 7 of last year and
noti­fied police of the hat’s loca­tion, the South Florida Sun Sen­tinel
reported Thurs­day. Police dis­cov­ered a Volk­swa­gen Bee­tle match­ing
the descrip­tion of a car used by the rob­bers near the site where
the hat was found, and FBI agents arrested Nichols and Davi­son as
they were prepar­ing to rob a fourth bank, court records state.
The men were accused of rob­bing three banks in Boyn­ton Beach,
Del­ray Beach and Palm Beach Gar­dens from Aug. 12 to Sept. 14,
2011. Davi­son pleaded guilty in May and was sen­tenced to more
than five years in prison.Nichols faces a pos­si­ble 65 years in prison
when he is sentenced.

Police in Alabama said a report of a poten­tial dead woman in a
sport util­ity vehi­cle was actu­ally a drunken Hal­loween rev­eler
passed out in her makeup. Birm­ing­ham police said they received a
report around 8:15 a.m. Thurs­day of an appar­ent shoot­ing vic­tim
slumped over the wheel of an SUV at an inter­sec­tion. They
responded to dis­cover the woman was passed out drunk while
dressed up as a preg­nant zom­bie, reported
Thurs­day. Police said the woman was wear­ing white face paint and
was cov­ered in fake blood. “You can see why some­one thought she
had been shot,” one offi­cer said. The woman was arrested on a
charge of dri­ving under the influence.

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