Friday 11/02

Wildlife authorities in Alaska said they have killed a large brown
bear believed to be behind a series of residential break-ins.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists said the grizzly
bear, which is believed to have damaged several garage doors in
Anchorage’s Stuckagain Heights neighborhood in attempts to gain
entry, the Anchorage Daily News reported Thursday.Fish and Game
area wildlife biologist Jessy Coltrane said a post-mortem
examination determined the bear was not the same grizzly
wounded by a resident last week after a string of chicken coop
raids.”We were hoping the chicken-eating bear was doing break-
ins,” Coltrane said.He said authorities are on the lookout for a
second bear.

Authorities said a fish hat worn by a Florida suspect led to the
arrests of two suspects who pleaded guilty to three bank
robberies. The FBI said Christopher Eugene Nichols, who pleaded
guilty Tuesday to four counts stemming from the 2011 robberies,
was arrested alongside accomplice Damon James Davison after a
Boynton Beach code compliance officer found a fish-themed
baseball cap worn during the robberies Sept. 7 of last year and
notified police of the hat’s location, the South Florida Sun Sentinel
reported Thursday. Police discovered a Volkswagen Beetle matching
the description of a car used by the robbers near the site where
the hat was found, and FBI agents arrested Nichols and Davison as
they were preparing to rob a fourth bank, court records state.
The men were accused of robbing three banks in Boynton Beach,
Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens from Aug. 12 to Sept. 14,
2011. Davison pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced to more
than five years in prison.Nichols faces a possible 65 years in prison
when he is sentenced.

Police in Alabama said a report of a potential dead woman in a
sport utility vehicle was actually a drunken Halloween reveler
passed out in her makeup. Birmingham police said they received a
report around 8:15 a.m. Thursday of an apparent shooting victim
slumped over the wheel of an SUV at an intersection. They
responded to discover the woman was passed out drunk while
dressed up as a pregnant zombie, reported
Thursday. Police said the woman was wearing white face paint and
was covered in fake blood. “You can see why someone thought she
had been shot,” one officer said. The woman was arrested on a
charge of driving under the influence.

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