Friday 11/16

Michigan teenager Denzel Washington said he spotted what he believed to be a UFO hovering over a movie theater during the weekend. The 19-year-old Flint resident said his close encounter was no act and he and his brother were as close as 200 feet from the mysterious black craft they saw. The UFO was described as about five car-lengths long with a bluish-white exhaust coming from it. The brothers’ attention had been attracted by bright lights
they thought might be coming from a stadium; however they got a good look at something definitely unfamiliar that moved silently away as they got closer and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. The Journal said police confirmed getting an excited 911 call from Washington but no other authorities had any records of aircraft in the area at the time.

A British burglar set his smart-phone to the “stupid” setting  – by using it as a flashlight during a robbery and forgetting that he had the video camera turned on the whole time, capturing his crime spree in its entirety. Emmanuel Jerome was busted at another attempted break-in, and when cops cuffed him and took inventory of his possessions, they found the phone, with footage of a lucrative heist from earlier in the month. Despite the videos, Jerome’s lawyer said his client was innocent, although he offered no explanation as to how the clips of the crime scene got on the phone.

A judge’s offer to allow an Ohio drug defendant the chance to stay out of prison if he’d give up marijuana might have just gone up in smoke. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Melba Marsh says she was astonished by the response from 19-year-old Damaine Mitchell. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Mitchell told the judge he likes smoking weed and staying off it so he could stay out of prison would be “a challenge.” He told the judge he could try to quit but made a request: Could he “at least get one more joint in?” Not surprisingly the judge said no. She wants Mitchell back in court next week before she decides what to do with his trafficking case.

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