Friday 11/23

A New Mexico man called the cops on himself after he went to his bank and made an illegal withdrawal. Charles Scribner went to a branch of Bank of America and began ranting about how the bank had “sold him out,” before methodically busting out the windows in the front of the building. He then paused to dial 911 and ask that someone come by because, as he put it, “Y’all might want to come and arrest me … I don’t want to have to keep breaking them.” The dispatcher asked Scribner if he was on drugs, and he said no, then berated them for taking so long to come and arrest him. An officer finally responded after receiving a call from an eyewitness, and took Scribner into custody.

Two retired Catholic priests fought so viciously over a parking spot that one allegedly bit off the other’s ear! Father Thomas Byrne, 80, battled 81-year-old Father Thomas Joseph Smith in their building complex yesterday in Perth, Australia, police say. After the fight, Byrne told Smith to pick something up off the ground; only when he got home did Smith realize it was his ear. So he wrapped it in a towel and rushed to a hospital for surgery. When the two showed up in court, Byrne was sporting a black eye and Smith his newly reattached ear. A judge charged Byrne with grievous bodily harm and imposed tough bail restrictions: no going within 30 feet of Father Smith, no threatening him, and no communicating in any way.

Pasco County, FL Sheriff’s deputies said Allen Charron, allegedly pushed a man off a bicycle and put the bike into the back of his truck.  While cops tried to question him he climbed a tree and spent nearly 11 hours up there while deputies attempted to coax him down. The suspect eventually surrendered around 1 a.m. in the morning.  Charron was arrested on charges of robbery, resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer. He has prior arrests for robbery, felony battery, operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license, domestic battery, criminal mischief and contempt of court, the report said.

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