Friday 1/18

And you thought your house was a mess. An elderly man in Burnaby, B.C., spent three days pinned down under ceiling-high piles of his own junk with no working heat nor electricity. Chainsaw-wielding first responders had to cut through the mounds of trash to reach the man. “We made verbal contact with the guy but he basically told us he was trapped underneath a whole pile of debris, couldn’t get out, couldn’t move, hadn’t moved in a couple of days,” Corp. Dave Reid told the Burnaby News Leader. “Had it been another day or two, with our cold temperatures, the outcome may have not been as good as it was.”

Philadelphia police say Christopher Kieter, 26, posed as a fire inspector at three separate institutions, where he allegedly stole everything from laptops to microphones.  Posing in a costume is one thing but if you’re trying to get away with it, it might be a good idea to make up a name to go with your fictional character.  His undoing came when he signed his real name to the log of his last target, the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Kieter was charged with impersonating a public official, criminal trespass, and theft. Police said they recovered the stolen items during a search of Kieter’s home.

Slidell police said Richard Boudreaux, 23, burglarized multiple businesses in a single night last week, including his former employer.  Police said Boudreaux just realized while at Kenney’s Seafood they use security cameras.  Too band he wasn’t wearing a mask. Instead, he placed a bucket over his head. However, investigators said his face had already been seen by the cameras. Boudreaux, who told police he chose Kenney’s Seafood because he needed money and had “bad blood” with the owner. He said he also attempted to break into Jerry’s Buy and Sell to steal a gun because he feared future gun control laws. Gun laws or not breaking and entering and stealing is still against the law.  He was arrested on burglary and drug charges.

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