Friday 12/14

A Washington state man went the extra mile to deliver an unusual marriage proposal, but that almost didn’t cut it. Loren Lentz used his tractor to carve the romantic request into his land, using letters that were a good 150 yards long. He then took his ladyfriend Jody up in a small plane to survey the scene, only to find that he’d carved the “J” in her name pointing in the wrong direction — even though he wasn’t even plowed behind the plow. Jody took the bull by the horns and accepted — on the condition she remain in charge of plowing the wedding invitations.

An Austrian museum says a man took the concept of life imitating art to an extreme when he suddenly stripped at an exhibition of pictures and sculptures portraying nude men through the ages. Vienna’s Leopold Museum says that after taking his clothes off, the man calmly sauntered through the exhibition, dressing again only after a security guard asked him to do so. Museum spokesman Klaus Pokorny said other visitors did not appear disturbed. The “Nude Men” exhibition had attracted more than 65,000 visitors — all of them dressed except for one.

A Polish man said he was distracted by boxing on TV and mistook a hot iron for the telephone, burning the side of his head! Tomasz Paczkowski, said he was helping his wife with housework while he was off work and he turned on the boxing channel on the TV, opened a beer and started ironing,” he said.”I was really getting involved in the boxing and suddenly the phone rang and instead of grabbing the receiver I picked up the iron and put it to my ear.” Paczkowski said he was further injured when his head struck the doorframe of the bathroom while he was running to pour cold water in his head.The man said he will continue to help his wife with the ironing, but not while watching boxing on TV.

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