Friday 12/16

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Heart attack in a truck - Black Hawk County sheriff’s deputies said the trailer, which was loaded with about $50,000 worth of mar­garine, was parked overnight at an Elk Run facil­ity to wait until the Cedar Falls Tar­get ware­house had enough space for the spread. The dri­ver dis­cov­ered Sun­day morn­ing that the trailer had been hooked up to another vehi­cle and dri­ven away.  Now what are the odds that the same peo­ple who stole the 5000 tons of corn off that train a few days ago were sit­ting around think­ing, “what the hell are we gonna do with all this corn?” and some­one came up with this bril­liant idea.

That rug is breathin - A cable TV repair­man got quite a sur­prise when he walked into the base­ment of a New Jer­sey home.  There was a 500-pound bear sound asleep on the floor.  The bear had been spot­ted wan­der­ing in the neigh­bor­hood but It’s not clear how it got into the home. The bear ambled out of the house before state Fish and Game offi­cials arrived..

 Peep­ing Tom gets peeped! - A cop in Ohiois fac­ing a pant­load of charges after being caught wan­der­ing through a hotel park­ing lot try­ing to peep into the win­dows of strangers’ rooms.  A sur­veil­lance cam­era caught Justin Lunsford try­ing to get an eye­ful while giv­ing passersby quite a show of his own. Not sat­is­fied with merely parad­ing around bot­tom­less, the offi­cer also turned the park­ing lot into his per­sonal lit­ter box, defe­cat­ing and uri­nat­ing at var­i­ous spots to mark his ter­ri­tory. Lunsford has since resigned from the force.

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