Friday 12/23

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Freaky, yet heartwarming –Seven years ago, an 8-year-old girl was pulled from her mother’s arms by the tsunami in Indonesia; now, word is she’s been discovered alive. An acquaintance brought a 15-year-old girl to her grandfather’s home this week; his name—Ibrahim—was the only one she could remember, state news reported. The acquaintance had found the girl in a nearby coffee shop, where she’d been taken for a beggar. Ibrahim was sure the girl, who was reportedly seeking her old home, was his missing granddaughter. Her parents later recognized a mole and scar on her face. The rest of her story remains a mystery so far, MSNBC notes.

U scream for cheap ice cream – A Utah woman faces misdemeanor charges after police say she sprayed an ice cream truck driver in the face with cleaning solution because she was upset about the driver’s prices. Authorities in theSalt Lake Citysuburb of Taylorsville say 65-year-old Andrea Chavez told them she sprayed the woman because “she charges too much for ice cream.”   If convicted, she faces a combined punishment of two and half years in the county jail.


Something’s not right here – A California newspaper The Stockton Record reports 18-year-old George Herrera got stuck in a chimney while trying to sneak into his house.  Art Ray of the Stockton Fire Department says the teen was breaking curfew and trying to get inside his home. Ray says Herrera was trapped near the chimney bottom for about 90 minutes before emergency crews were called. When they arrived, they could see his feet sticking out of the fireplace.  Rays says rescuers secured ropes around the teenager’s wrists and pulled him up about 8 feet with the help of a firetruck ladder. Officials say Herrera wasn’t hurt and was allowed to return
home.  How will his parents punish him without laughing?

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