Friday 12/28

A 20-year-old Tunisian man swallowed more than two dozen raw eggs on a dare from his friends! Doctors were called in after the young man felt strong stomach pains, but he died before medical assistance could reach him the report said. An official cause of death has not yet been determined.

Zoo workers in Kaliningrad said a man told a ticket collector he had to get into the facility after closing time Wednesday because “he’s expected” and forced his way onto the premises. A zoo worker discovered the man naked by the tiger cage the following day, with his clothes inside the enclosure. The zoo called police and an ambulance, which took the man to a local hospital to be checked out. The man was allowed to go home after he was found to be in sound mental health and not under the influence of alcohol or drugsNo explanation was given for the man’s behavior, but one of the doctors who treated him asked, “Who hasn’t done stupid things in their youth?”

According to police the 20-year-old thief in France, whose name was not released, took some wrapped gifts from a family’s car on Christmas Eve and realized when got home with the loot that he didn’t have his phone. The crook had to report the lost phone to police in order for his insurance company to replace it, so he went to the local police station … at the exact time that the family was there reporting the theft and giving the phone to detectives. The thief was arrested and the Christmas gifts were returned to the family.

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