Friday 1/25

Cops in Lorain, Ohio, responded to a domes­tic vio­lence report that Joel Perez had threat­ened to kill his brother and arrived at the scene to find the two men stand­ing amid a cloud of dust – which turned out to be the remains of a per­son who has yet to be iden­ti­fied. Perez strug­gled with offi­cers, who needed to use tasers on him before tak­ing him into cus­tody. Perez was held on assault charges. His younger brother was knocked uncon­scious and had cuts on his head and body.

A Mary­land man was arrested at a drug treat­ment cen­ter after a huff­ing binge sent him on a binge of bizarre behav­ior that involved speak­ing in tongues. Cops were called to the cen­ter after a coun­selor phoned in a report that he was run­ning around naked, hiss­ing, speak­ing in tongues and attempt­ing to start small fires. When they arrived on the scene, he’d moved on to another part of the build­ing, where he was on all fours, growl­ing and try­ing to eat coins off the floor.

bikebad-300x234Wilkes-Barre, PA police said Josh Koli­noski and an uniden­ti­fied 16-year-old allegedly stole mis­cel­la­neous items from dozens of vehi­cles in four neigh­bor­hoods before an offi­cer beg­came sus­pi­cious of the two indi­vid­u­als rid­ing bicy­cles with ski masks in the mid­dle of the night and tried to stop the pair. They fled from the offi­cer through a back­yard where they nearly fell into an in-ground pool cov­ered by snow. They made it through the yard to a hid­ing spot in an old coal truck down the block.  Unfor­tu­nately, it is win­ter so their tracks in the snow gave away their hid­ing spot. Police said the pair were taken into cus­tody and still had a bag with the sus­pected stolen items in it.

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