Friday 1/25

Cops in Lorain, Ohio, responded to a domestic violence report that Joel Perez had threatened to kill his brother and arrived at the scene to find the two men standing amid a cloud of dust – which turned out to be the remains of a person who has yet to be identified. Perez struggled with officers, who needed to use tasers on him before taking him into custody. Perez was held on assault charges. His younger brother was knocked unconscious and had cuts on his head and body.

A Maryland man was arrested at a drug treatment center after a huffing binge sent him on a binge of bizarre behavior that involved speaking in tongues. Cops were called to the center after a counselor phoned in a report that he was running around naked, hissing, speaking in tongues and attempting to start small fires. When they arrived on the scene, he’d moved on to another part of the building, where he was on all fours, growling and trying to eat coins off the floor.

bikebad-300x234Wilkes-Barre, PA police said Josh Kolinoski and an unidentified 16-year-old allegedly stole miscellaneous items from dozens of vehicles in four neighborhoods before an officer begcame suspicious of the two individuals riding bicycles with ski masks in the middle of the night and tried to stop the pair. They fled from the officer through a backyard where they nearly fell into an in-ground pool covered by snow. They made it through the yard to a hiding spot in an old coal truck down the block.  Unfortunately, it is winter so their tracks in the snow gave away their hiding spot. Police said the pair were taken into custody and still had a bag with the suspected stolen items in it.

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