Friday 1/27


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McGross - 17-year-old Stacey Irvine has eaten McNuggets every day for the past 15 years, and admits she’s never touched fruit or greens. A diet that resulted in her devel­op­ing ane­mia and swollen veins in her tongue cau­se­ing her to pass out dur­ing school. Despite the fact that she needed to be held in inten­sive care and given intra­venous vit­a­mins to coun­ter­act the dam­age, she’s not about to nix the nuggets. Stacey says, “I first tasted chicken nuggets when I was two. I loved them so much I just couldn’t face even try­ing other foods. Mum gave up giv­ing me any­thing else years ago.”

A pole that vot­ers will love — A may­oral elec­tion in Italy will be decided by the poles, and not the polls — because the two main can­di­dates are plan­ning a pole-dancing con­test as part of the cam­paign. Amandha Fox and Luana Bor­gia, both of whom have worked in the adult film indus­try, are vying to be mayor of the town ofTaranto. While the pair faces other oppo­si­tion, they’re the only ones to accept the offer to reveal their posi­tions in pub­lic. Ms. Fox says she’s happy to take part, not­ing, “I want vot­ers to see the real me.”  She’d bet­ter hope there’s more men than women voters!

Dopey deci­sions - Andrew Patrick Jones broke into a car and stole two phones, a cam­era and some pre­scrip­tion drugs. When the owner of the mer­chan­dise called the stolen phone, Jones answered and offered to set up a meet­ing to return the stuff “for a price,” and even offered to throw in the pot as a bonus. They agreed, but instead of going to the ATM, they headed to police, who arrested Jones on charges of break­ing and enter­ing a motor vehi­cle, lar­ceny and mis­de­meanor mar­i­juana possession

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