Friday 1/4

A neighbor whose name was not released, heard the sound of breaking glass from the house next door and then saw a stranger climbing through the window. When the burglar Timothy Woods saw that he had been spotted, he tried to duck inside the house, which gave the neighbor a chance to dart outside and swipe the keys from the ignition of Woods’ car, which had been left running. When cops arrived, Woods insisted he’d never been inside the house in the first place, but that he’d gone there to visit the home’s owner, who said he had no idea who the burglar was.

Debbie Zamacona told the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department that a ghost came into her home and stole her resume and some other paperwork – as well as one black and blue print blouse – before taking off for wherever it is ghosts go with stolen property. Zamacona said that the ghost of her mom often drops by to visit, but that she didn’t suspect her in the theft – pinning it instead on “black spirits” that also hang around the place. She placed the value of the stolen resume at about $5000

Dopey Florida man Shaune Lawrence phoned the police to report that he was being targeted by two armed men who were in the midst of a home invasion, but when the deputies arrived on the scene, there were no intruders in sight – only a veritable jungle of weed. Apparently, Lawrance was quite the marijuana grower and had over 100 plants that he kept in plain sight.  Lawrence was taken into custody after the officers dismantled the growing operation, which they said was valued at almost $50,000.

*this picture is not associated with Shaune Lawrence

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