Friday 1/6

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Airbag, check! - A Fresno,Calif., tow­ing com­pany was called to remove a car that landed on a roof after it went air­borne dur­ing a crash. Police said the dri­ver lost con­trol of the car on a turn, hit a tree stump and some­how launched into the air, land­ing right side up on top of a house!  The dri­ver report­edly suf­fered a bro­ken leg. No one in the house was seri­ously injured.

Sniff, sniff pass out– North Dakota man Dar­rell Parisien, was busted at a shop­ping mall park­ing lot shortly after noon last Sat­ur­day huff­ing paint from an aerosol can. After being fin­ger­printed and released he decided he hadn’t had enough and went to the same spot for another aerosol huff-fest eight hours later. Parisien was arrested in August for the same offense after wit­nesses reported he passed out while dri­ving, nearly hit pedes­tri­ans struck a curb and drove into a ditch.

Something’s miss­ing - Mass­a­chu­setts Cops man­ning a stop knew some­thing was up when Barry Short’s vehi­cle approached.  It was caus­ing quite a racket rolling up on only 3 tires. An offi­cer said Short reg­is­tered three times the legal blood alco­hol limit & couldn’t fin­ish the field sobri­ety test. He didn’t even know what town he was in at the time of the bust! The deputy said, “The rear tire had fallen off, and he was rid­ing on a rim, and he had no idea how long he had been rid­ing on the rim. He didn’t know where it hap­pened. He didn’t know what had happened.”

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