Friday 1/6

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Airbag, check! – A Fresno,Calif., towing company was called to remove a car that landed on a roof after it went airborne during a crash. Police said the driver lost control of the car on a turn, hit a tree stump and somehow launched into the air, landing right side up on top of a house!  The driver reportedly suffered a broken leg. No one in the house was seriously injured.

Sniff, sniff pass out- North Dakota man Darrell Parisien, was busted at a shopping mall parking lot shortly after noon last Saturday huffing paint from an aerosol can. After being fingerprinted and released he decided he hadn’t had enough and went to the same spot for another aerosol huff-fest eight hours later. Parisien was arrested in August for the same offense after witnesses reported he passed out while driving, nearly hit pedestrians struck a curb and drove into a ditch.

Something’s missing – Massachusetts Cops manning a stop knew something was up when Barry Short’s vehicle approached.  It was causing quite a racket rolling up on only 3 tires. An officer said Short registered three times the legal blood alcohol limit & couldn’t finish the field sobriety test. He didn’t even know what town he was in at the time of the bust! The deputy said, “The rear tire had fallen off, and he was riding on a rim, and he had no idea how long he had been riding on the rim. He didn’t know where it happened. He didn’t know what had happened.”

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