Friday 2/1

speeding ticket costLorretta Lacy was clocked at 112 by a trooper who pulled her over, wrote the ticket and confiscated “a very, very small amount” of marijuana before sending her on her way. Lacy explained that she was in a hurry to get to an event, which may explain why she was stopped again just 20 miles later, this time stopping the radar gun at 99. Less than an hour later, she racked up two more tickets within a 10 mile span, but only managed to push the speedometer to 88 on both of those. Lacy’s daughter, Carrie Freeman, said she isn’t sure whether her mother has a problem with getting speeding tickets, but added, “I know she can make it from A to B faster than probably the average person.”

A Florida man made a misguided — and somewhat violent — attempt to return a spurned engagement ring to his fiancée. Faron Thompson attacked the woman for threatening to leave their home and placing the ring on a kitchen counter. When he saw the ring, Thompson flipped out, grabbed it and tried to force it into her mouth! She fled to a nearby Wal-Mart and called cops. Thompson was later tracked down but denied the allegations.

This guys escape was just never meant to be! Alabama police say Matthew Todd, 24, was arrested on a driving under the influence charge following a car crash and was taken to Marshall Medical Center South for treatment.  Investigators said Todd walked out of the hospital and drove off in an ambulance that had been left running outside the facility. They said Todd abandoned the ambulance when it got stuck at the side of a road.” He walked across a pasture and got into a barn where he tried to saddle up two horses,” “One was two wild for him and he appeared to be too intoxicated to properly saddle the other horse.” Anderson gave up on the horses and instead stole a car, which he soon crashed, police said. He then allegedly stole a second car. Police said Anderson was arrested Saturday when he went back to the hospital to receive treatment for his original injuries and was recognized from the previous day.

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