Friday 2/1

speeding ticket costLor­retta Lacy was clocked at 112 by a trooper who pulled her over, wrote the ticket and con­fis­cated “a very, very small amount” of mar­i­juana before send­ing her on her way. Lacy explained that she was in a hurry to get to an event, which may explain why she was stopped again just 20 miles later, this time stop­ping the radar gun at 99. Less than an hour later, she racked up two more tick­ets within a 10 mile span, but only man­aged to push the speedome­ter to 88 on both of those. Lacy’s daugh­ter, Car­rie Free­man, said she isn’t sure whether her mother has a prob­lem with get­ting speed­ing tick­ets, but added, “I know she can make it from A to B faster than prob­a­bly the aver­age person.”

A Florida man made a mis­guided — and some­what vio­lent — attempt to return a spurned engage­ment ring to his fiancée. Faron Thomp­son attacked the woman for threat­en­ing to leave their home and plac­ing the ring on a kitchen counter. When he saw the ring, Thomp­son flipped out, grabbed it and tried to force it into her mouth! She fled to a nearby Wal-Mart and called cops. Thomp­son was later tracked down but denied the allegations.

This guys escape was just never meant to be! Alabama police say Matthew Todd, 24, was arrested on a dri­ving under the influ­ence charge fol­low­ing a car crash and was taken to Mar­shall Med­ical Cen­ter South for treat­ment.  Inves­ti­ga­tors said Todd walked out of the hos­pi­tal and drove off in an ambu­lance that had been left run­ning out­side the facil­ity. They said Todd aban­doned the ambu­lance when it got stuck at the side of a road.” He walked across a pas­ture and got into a barn where he tried to sad­dle up two horses,” “One was two wild for him and he appeared to be too intox­i­cated to prop­erly sad­dle the other horse.” Ander­son gave up on the horses and instead stole a car, which he soon crashed, police said. He then allegedly stole a sec­ond car. Police said Ander­son was arrested Sat­ur­day when he went back to the hos­pi­tal to receive treat­ment for his orig­i­nal injuries and was rec­og­nized from the pre­vi­ous day.

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