Friday 2/10

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Curly weapon of choice – An Ohio woman caused a hair raising situation at a tax preparation office when she burst in and pulled a stick-up — using a curling iron as her weapon. Sonia Watson, who had come into the office for a consultation just a few days before, entered with a towel draped over the device and fled with a grand total of $280. The branch manager told a local television station that he was shocked to be robbed by “a customer, where we have every piece of their private information.”  Well, we’re shocked you let a woman rob you with a cold curling iron!

Hot! Hot! Hot! – Malisa Gutierrez told Des Moines, IA police she and her boyfriend, Carlos, were sleeping when they heard a loud noise.  Melissa said she saw three robbers, two tall men and a woman. She said the woman attacked her with a flashlight and she fought back with a bottle of hot sauce until the po-po arrived.  The two male suspects escaped, but Lisa Floyd, 41, was arrested on a first-degree burglary charge and jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Pretend time turned jail time – A pair of Georgia men both in their early 20s, said they were bored and rolled up a magazine and pretended it was a police radar.  They figured it was harmless enough but trying to pull over an off duty cop was not part of the plan. According to witnesses, they “peeled out” after the officer before trying to pull him over while claiming to be cops themselves. The deputy did not pull over, but alerted other officers who arrested the two antsy men.

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