Friday 2/15

A 31-year-old New Zealand mother died of a car­diac arrhyth­mia, which the coro­ner blamed on her 2.2-gallon-a-day Coca-Cola habit. Nicole Har­ris’ fam­ily called her exces­sive soda drink­ing an “addic­tion,” and said she would go through with­drawal symp­toms if she didn’t have it. All that Coke meant she con­sumed more than two pounds of sugar and 970 mil­ligrams of caf­feine a day – which caused her to have an enlarged liver, low potas­sium lev­els, rot­ten teeth.  A Coca-Cola spokesper­son said the com­pany was “dis­ap­pointed” in the coroner’s empha­sis on Coke in caus­ing Har­ris’ death, though the doctor’s report said that the com­pany “can­not be held respon­si­ble for the health of con­sumers who drink unhealthy quan­ti­ties of the product.”

New Bed­ford police said the sus­pect entered the Lucky Seven Gro­cery store just before noon and pointed a knife at the 24-year-old clerk. Oh yeah?  Well…The clerk responded by draw­ing a sword he kept behind the counter! The rob­ber fled the store with­out any loot. The man was described as hav­ing a heavy build and brown mustache.

alien_head_bibA shirt­less Florida man was arrested after run­ning into a con­ve­nience store, des­per­ate to get away from aliens that were try­ing to eat him. Police say 34-year-old Corey Joe Stump was wav­ing two large knives and plead­ing with peo­ple not to let them eat him. It took cops a while to get him out of the store as he kept try­ing to get away from imag­i­nary aliens. Wit­nesses say it was appar­ent that he was on drugs and hal­lu­ci­nat­ing. He was taken to a local hos­pi­tal and then later arrested on charges of dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion and pos­ses­sion of a dan­ger­ous weapon.

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