Friday 2/22

A drunken Kentucky man was arrested after breaking into a local firehouse in order to play with his own hose. Nicholas Gonzales broke through a window in order to gain entry to the station, then took off running to the back of the building when one of the firefighters came down and caught him.  Some fireman got to Gonzales before things got too hot, and escorted him out of the building while one of his colleagues called cops. When asked why he broke in, Gonzales, who has starred in such flicks as TSA Stripdown, reportedly replied, “Because I wanted to.”

DEATH BY FURBYAshley Trimmer was busted after she and beau William Ley began tussling, and she decided to stop toying with him and smacked him on the side of the head with a Furby! Opening a small cut. She followed that up by smacking Ley a second time, using a Playstation controller to stun him, prompting him to call cops.  Trimmer has been charged with assault, and was released after posting $2,000 bond.

Aalaya Walker got a hankering for some waffles, so she turned on her friends stove, not knowing her pal had stored a magazine from a Glock in it!! When the clip exploded, parts of it pierced the stove door and hit Walker in the chest and leg, but she was able to drive herself to the hospital to get checked out.  No one was arrested in relation to the incident.

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