Friday 3/02

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Sus­pi­cious pack­age - Before sun­rise yes­ter­day North­ern Ire­land police say a pass­ing patrol spot­ted a young man wrestling to free him self from a house’s front door. Appar­ently, he had tried to reach the door’s inner lock via the let­ter­box flap but his arm got stuck!  Fire­fight­ers dis­man­tled the door but left the let­ter­box clamped to the boy’s arm until they reached a police sta­tion, where it was safely removed.

Sloppy sec­onds – 19 year old Uni­ver­sity ofGe­or­gia stu­dent Carli Shul­tis was hun­gry.  Hun­gry enough she stole some hash­browns from the cam­pus eatery even though she had money to pay for them.  She also stuck them in her pants.  Accord­ing to reports, when a food ser­vice worker spot­ted her in the act, she quickly removed the spuds from her pants and attempted to put them back on the food counter!  She has been banned from 12 Uni­ver­sity eater­ies for a year and charged with theft by shoplifting.

I’m drunk, so shoot me - 19 year-old Jes­salyn Stier­walt was drink­ing with two male friends and she really needed some extra time to “sober up” for her pro­ba­tion meet­ing the next morn­ing. So, she asked her pals to do her a solid and stab her in the stom­ach and shoul­der.  Stierwalt’s plan did have some sober­ing results — after being treated at the hos­pi­tal she was arrested and charged with con­spir­acy to com­mit second-degree assault and a weapon offense. The friends who stabbed her were charged with sec­ond degree assault and use of a weapon to com­mit a felony.

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