Friday 3/23

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Occu­pa­tional haz­ards - Police said a man who allegedly stabbed another man and lists his occu­pa­tion as “drug dealer” was arrested on a pro­ba­tion vio­la­tion. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Deaun­dre Barnes, 22, allegedly stabbed Thomas Grippo, 23, at a home dur­ing a fight that was sparked when Barnes told Grippo and his girl­friend to “shut up.” Grippo told police he didn’t real­ize he’d been stabbed until he arrived home and dis­cov­ered he was bleed­ing. Police said Barnes was sen­tenced to five years of drug offender pro­ba­tion in June and is listed by the Florida Depart­ment of Cor­rec­tions as an “absconder/fugitive. ”

Snake charmer - Cops inTexas shot a home invader run­ning from the scene of his crime hold­ing a weapon that was not con­cealed — because he was stark naked at the time! The 45-year-old tres­passer, who lives in the same condo com­plex as his vic­tim, was com­pletely clothed, but bab­bling inco­her­ently about snakes chas­ing him when he busted into the home. He began strip­ping down and get­ting more agi­tated, lead­ing the home­owner to call cops.

 “Pee” is for Police — Mar­cia Usher dialed 911 and told the dis­patcher that she’d got­ten lost in the woods and needed to know where she could relieve her­self. But when her call was traced, it turned out she was stand­ing right in front of her house — which had a work­ing toi­let inside.  Since she also reeked of liquor and had an open beer cooler next to her, offi­cers asked if she had any weapons or drugs — to which she replied she had some beer and a knife. That turned out to be a bit off the mark as well: Usher had a vial of meth and a loaded hand­gun instead.  She was booked on a num­ber of charges

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