Friday 3/23

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Occupational hazards – Police said a man who allegedly stabbed another man and lists his occupation as “drug dealer” was arrested on a probation violation. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Deaundre Barnes, 22, allegedly stabbed Thomas Grippo, 23, at a home during a fight that was sparked when Barnes told Grippo and his girlfriend to “shut up.” Grippo told police he didn’t realize he’d been stabbed until he arrived home and discovered he was bleeding. Police said Barnes was sentenced to five years of drug offender probation in June and is listed by the Florida Department of Corrections as an “absconder/fugitive. ”

Snake charmer – Cops inTexas shot a home invader running from the scene of his crime holding a weapon that was not concealed — because he was stark naked at the time! The 45-year-old trespasser, who lives in the same condo complex as his victim, was completely clothed, but babbling incoherently about snakes chasing him when he busted into the home. He began stripping down and getting more agitated, leading the homeowner to call cops.

 “Pee” is for Police – Marcia Usher dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that she’d gotten lost in the woods and needed to know where she could relieve herself. But when her call was traced, it turned out she was standing right in front of her house — which had a working toilet inside.  Since she also reeked of liquor and had an open beer cooler next to her, officers asked if she had any weapons or drugs — to which she replied she had some beer and a knife. That turned out to be a bit off the mark as well: Usher had a vial of meth and a loaded handgun instead.  She was booked on a number of charges

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