Friday 3/30

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Can I lend you a hand? – A Chinese airline passenger en route to Italy was busted in Bucharest after a body part was found in his luggage, apparently tucked away amid the underwear and shirts. “The fragment of a human body was discovered during the first security check at the airport, and the owner of the bag was held on the spot,” said a security spokesman. A

A salty sendoff – They say you can’t take it with you, but there is a new way to really go into the afterlife in a piggish way — by getting yourself a bacon coffin.  The folks behind products like Baconnaise, Bacon Salt and bacon-flavored personal lubricant have introduced the crispy casket, which isn’t actually made of pork products, but merely painted to look as if it is. The cost for a salty send-off? A mere three grand, for which thedesigner admits, “We’re probably going to hell.”

What, no flowers? – An Iowa man was fired from his job for expressing his fondness for female co-workers — by coming into the office after hours and relieving himself on their chairs.  The man, whose name was not released, worked in the I.T. department and had access to the entire employee database. An executive at his company said he apparently obsessed over photos of certain colleagues and opted to express his appreciation for women he considered attractive by peeing on their furniture.  Security cameras, installed after women began complaining about stains on their chairs, caught him in the act. Criminal charges have not yet been filed.

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