Friday 4/13

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A little jumpy – Texas Investigators said two men with their faces covered walked into the Valero Corner Store inSan Antonioand demanded cash from the clerk. However, the men fled empty handed when one of their guns accidentally went off. Police said there were no injuries and officers are searching for suspects.

You have the right to remain idiotic – Indiana man Chad Voegelo rigged his cell phone with flashing lights in order to impersonate a cop and he pulled up next to a car laughing — until he saw the person he attempted to stop flash aFort Wayne police badge. He sped off, and went to the most logical place — a bar — where he bought a drink and was arrested moments later.

Now THAT’s a Magic Johnson!  – A Philadelphia-area drug dealer, Ray Woods was initially pulled over for a traffic violation, but when officers approached him to ask questions, they noticed an extremely large bulge in his pants. Rather than assume he was just glad to see them, they chose to bring him to the police station, where Woods ended up wetting himself.  Cops just happened to notice that he had 80 bags of dope tied around the end of his unit!!  A police spokesman said, “In 14 years, I’ve seen it down their pants, in their rears but I’ve never seen it tied to their [unit].”

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