Friday 4/20

This time it’s a noun - For some rea­son, res­i­dents of F**king, Aus­tria, are con­sid­er­ing chang­ing the village’s name. We’re not sure why. It’s an honorable,centuries-old name derived from a 6th-century Bavar­ian noble­man called “Focko,” it’s had a beer named after it, and appar­ently, naked women often pose next to its road signs. But hood­lums are also fond of steal­ing those signs, the Tele­graph reports—at least 13 have been swiped recently, and they cost almost $400 each—and the jokes have got­ten old for the town’s 104 res­i­dents.” Peo­ple are now will­ing to dis­cuss changes to the spelling of the name,” the village’s mayor said in a recent inter­view. “But first all Fuckingers have to agree on whether want to change it or not.” The vote will be held later this week. What would the name change to?Many are advo­cat­ing a switch to its 16th-century spelling, “Fugging.”

A full moon…again - An Indian River County deputy sher­iff found Tammy Rose­man in her birth­day suit  in the front seat of her boyfriend’s car while inves­ti­gat­ing a dis­tur­bance in Vero Beach. “I inquired why she was in a parked vehi­cle with­out any clothes at this time of day,” a report states. “She could offer no expla­na­tion.” The inves­ti­ga­tor deduced alco­hol prob­a­bly had some­thing to do with the sit­u­a­tion and busted her for dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion. Roseman’s boyfriend told deputies the nudity didn’t begin in the car. He said he came home ear­lier in the day and found her naked, drunk and bust­ing up the place. This arrest was not the first for the 40-year-old Rose­man that involved pub­lic expo­sure. She was busted last year for allegedly drop­ping her pants as a school bus full of ele­men­tary kids passed by.

57 Vari­eties of crazy — A home­less man in Key West, Florida, went on a long, profanity-laced tirade against vis­i­tors to the resort island before pass­ing out in the mid­dle of the street — while cov­ered in ketchup!  The 54-year-old man started his excel­lent adven­ture at a local bar, where he became enraged at the num­ber of tourists present in the joint. He was intox­i­cated enough that he kept falling asleep between rants, but sober enough to mas­ter the motor skills needed to pour ketchup all over him­self before tak­ing off. He was ulti­mately arrested sprawled out in the street and charged with dis­or­derly conduct.

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