Friday 4/27

The wrong Thriller - AnIdaho man proved him­self to be really, really bad when he showed his devo­tion to Michael Jack­son — by pulling a gun on an acquain­tance and forc­ing him to moon­walk. The Bon­ner county Daily Bee reports that John Cross says he was under the influ­ence of drugs when he decided he wanted to be start­ing some­thing with the other man, who was not iden­ti­fied. Cross allegedly pointed a rifle at his friend and demanded he exe­cute the tricky dance move — which appar­ently he was good at, since he didn’t pull the trig­ger. He now faces a felony assault charge, and we don’t think he’s going to beat it

16 min­utes of free­dom - A thug in Florida set the bar pretty high for the next crim­i­nal who wants to play Beat the Clock.  Mar­cus Hunt, who’d been freed after post­ing bail on charges of flee­ing police and dri­ving with­out a license, was busted 16 min­utes later when he walked up to a man, punched him in the face and drove off on his bicycle!

Putting the “P” in CAP - A New Mex­ico man capped off an evening of imper­son­at­ing a cop by forc­ing a teenager to hand over his base­ball cap, then pee­ing in it. Joseph Han­nah allegedly pulled up along­side a group of teenagers who were play­ing ball and iden­ti­fied him­self as a cop while hold­ing a gun. Han­nah demanded that one of the boys hand over his hat, and pro­ceeded to soil it. The boy said, “He’s got the gun and he tells me to give me your hat, so you know I take it off and give it to him and he just pees on my hat.”  Han­nah had equipped his Ford Mus­tang with flash­ing lights before embark­ing on his not-so-excellent adven­ture, which also included pulling over cars dri­ven by women he con­sid­ered attrac­tive in order to ask for dates. He faces charges of imper­son­at­ing an offi­cer and false imprisonment.

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