Friday 4/27

The wrong Thriller – AnIdaho man proved himself to be really, really bad when he showed his devotion to Michael Jackson — by pulling a gun on an acquaintance and forcing him to moonwalk. The Bonner county Daily Bee reports that John Cross says he was under the influence of drugs when he decided he wanted to be starting something with the other man, who was not identified. Cross allegedly pointed a rifle at his friend and demanded he execute the tricky dance move — which apparently he was good at, since he didn’t pull the trigger. He now faces a felony assault charge, and we don’t think he’s going to beat it

16 minutes of freedom – A thug in Florida set the bar pretty high for the next criminal who wants to play Beat the Clock.  Marcus Hunt, who’d been freed after posting bail on charges of fleeing police and driving without a license, was busted 16 minutes later when he walked up to a man, punched him in the face and drove off on his bicycle!

Putting the “P” in CAP – A New Mexico man capped off an evening of impersonating a cop by forcing a teenager to hand over his baseball cap, then peeing in it. Joseph Hannah allegedly pulled up alongside a group of teenagers who were playing ball and identified himself as a cop while holding a gun. Hannah demanded that one of the boys hand over his hat, and proceeded to soil it. The boy said, “He’s got the gun and he tells me to give me your hat, so you know I take it off and give it to him and he just pees on my hat.”  Hannah had equipped his Ford Mustang with flashing lights before embarking on his not-so-excellent adventure, which also included pulling over cars driven by women he considered attractive in order to ask for dates. He faces charges of impersonating an officer and false imprisonment.

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