Friday 4/6

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Ruff break – AMoscow woman was shopping at a mall and emerged to find another car had struck her parked vehicle! The owner was no where in sight and it turns out the owner had left the engine running with three dogs inside and the canines managed to shift the vehicle out of park and send it crashing into the woman’s car. The woman left the scene to call police and returned to find the dogs had again managed to move the vehicle, which was a few yards from the scene of the crash.

An unGodly situation – A Catholic priest in Northern Ireland was using for a Powerpoint presentation to families before their children’s First Communion and he clicked on a folder and instead of his presentation popping up explicit “adult” images filled the screen!  The “visibly shaken and flustered” priest quickly removed the stick, one parent tells the BBC. “He gave no explanation or apology to the group, and bolted out of the room,” leaving the parents and one 8-year-old child present “horrified!”  He returned 20 minutes later, and made no mention of the incident. He “continued with the meeting, and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion, and should consider giving some of it to the church.” The priest says other church officials used the stick, and he wants an investigation. 

No time for crime – Olga Perdomo handed a Chicago bank teller a note demanding “all of your money, no cops, no dye pack,” but she didn’t get what she wanted. Instead of complying, the teller said she’d be happy to hand over some cash — when the bank opened the next morning. Perdomo left, puzzled, and cops arrested her and an accomplice a short distance away.

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