Friday 4/6

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Ruff break - AMoscow woman was shop­ping at a mall and emerged to find another car had struck her parked vehi­cle! The owner was no where in sight and it turns out the owner had left the engine run­ning with three dogs inside and the canines man­aged to shift the vehi­cle out of park and send it crash­ing into the woman’s car. The woman left the scene to call police and returned to find the dogs had again man­aged to move the vehi­cle, which was a few yards from the scene of the crash.

An unGodly sit­u­a­tion - A Catholic priest in North­ern Ire­land was using for a Pow­er­point pre­sen­ta­tion to fam­i­lies before their children’s First Com­mu­nion and he clicked on a folder and instead of his pre­sen­ta­tion pop­ping up explicit “adult” images filled the screen!  The “vis­i­bly shaken and flus­tered” priest quickly removed the stick, one par­ent tells the BBC. “He gave no expla­na­tion or apol­ogy to the group, and bolted out of the room,” leav­ing the par­ents and one 8-year-old child present “hor­ri­fied!”  He returned 20 min­utes later, and made no men­tion of the inci­dent. He “con­tin­ued with the meet­ing, and wrapped up by say­ing that the chil­dren get lots of money for their Holy Com­mu­nion, and should con­sider giv­ing some of it to the church.” The priest says other church offi­cials used the stick, and he wants an investigation. 

No time for crime - Olga Per­domo handed a Chicago bank teller a note demand­ing “all of your money, no cops, no dye pack,” but she didn’t get what she wanted. Instead of com­ply­ing, the teller said she’d be happy to hand over some cash — when the bank opened the next morn­ing. Per­domo left, puz­zled, and cops arrested her and an accom­plice a short dis­tance away.

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