Friday 5/18

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A man inWest­ern Siberia who had to be cut from a garbage chute told emer­gency work­ers he was hid­ing from his girl­friend. The 32-year-old man said he was on the eighth floor of his build­ing when he decided to dis­ap­pear. He went into free fall before get­ting wedged in at the fifth-floor level of the garbage chute. “An eye­wit­ness reported to the regional res­cue ser­vice that there was a man in the chute,” says a spokes­woman for Emer­gency Response Services.

A woman suf­fered third-degree burns after what appeared to be the spon­ta­neous com­bus­tion of rocks that had been scooped up from aSouth­ern Cal­i­for­nia beach. While the woman was stand­ing in her kitchen after return­ing, the rocks com­busted and burned the woman’s right thigh and knee! The woman tried to stop, drop and roll but couldn’t extin­guish the flames, Stone said.  They even­tu­ally fell from the shorts onto the wooden floor where they con­tin­ued to burn and fill the house with smoke.  The woman’s hus­band also suf­fered second-degree burns to his hand try­ing to put out the flames. Author­i­ties didn’t pro­vide any details about what would have caused the rocks to ignite.

A Florida man got some good news and some bad news after he left a bag of mush­rooms behind after a trip to the gro­cery store. On the plus side, a good Samar­i­tan retrieved the pack­age and turned it in to store secu­rity, who passed it on to cops for safe keep­ing. Joseph Moody got the bad news when he went to police to retrieve the bag only to get thrown behind bars, because the mush­rooms were of the ille­gal, hal­lu­cino­genic kind.

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