Friday 5/18

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A man inWestern Siberia who had to be cut from a garbage chute told emergency workers he was hiding from his girlfriend. The 32-year-old man said he was on the eighth floor of his building when he decided to disappear. He went into free fall before getting wedged in at the fifth-floor level of the garbage chute. “An eyewitness reported to the regional rescue service that there was a man in the chute,” says a spokeswoman for Emergency Response Services.

A woman suffered third-degree burns after what appeared to be the spontaneous combustion of rocks that had been scooped up from aSouthern California beach. While the woman was standing in her kitchen after returning, the rocks combusted and burned the woman’s right thigh and knee! The woman tried to stop, drop and roll but couldn’t extinguish the flames, Stone said.  They eventually fell from the shorts onto the wooden floor where they continued to burn and fill the house with smoke.  The woman’s husband also suffered second-degree burns to his hand trying to put out the flames. Authorities didn’t provide any details about what would have caused the rocks to ignite.

A Florida man got some good news and some bad news after he left a bag of mushrooms behind after a trip to the grocery store. On the plus side, a good Samaritan retrieved the package and turned it in to store security, who passed it on to cops for safe keeping. Joseph Moody got the bad news when he went to police to retrieve the bag only to get thrown behind bars, because the mushrooms were of the illegal, hallucinogenic kind.

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