Friday 5/25

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Cops spot­ted Michael Mar­quez and another home­less man argu­ing over the con­tents of a shop­ping cart filled with sport­ing goods — all of which turned out to be stolen. They were both hauled in for ques­tion­ing in sep­a­rate rooms, and when Marquez’s inter­roga­tor stepped away, snatched a wall clock and stuffed it into his back­pack, totally get­ting caught on sur­veil­lance cam­eras. He now faces charges of petty theft in addi­tion to the pos­ses­sion of stolen prop­erty allegation.

A Florida man pulled a gun to get what he wanted at a McDonald’s drive-thru line, but he wasn’t inter­ested in cash or even a free Big Mac, he unhol­stered the weapon so that two women would let him cut ahead of them in line!  James Lee Cruz was arrested after a woman called to report that he pulled up next to them and pointed a weapon while shout­ing that he needed to get his order in quickly. They com­plied, but wrote down his license number.

A Nebraska­van­dal who had a vendetta against some books is cool­ing his heels after he tried to set a fire at a local library. Joshua Hughes hid in the stacks of the­Uni­ver­sity ofNe­braska library at clos­ing time, then took a match to a few books just for kicks — but found he didn’t have any way to get out! Pan­icked, he called the emer­gency num­ber for assis­tance, and was caught red-handed by firefighters.

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