Friday 6/1

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A Cleveland-area woman trying to make a tidy profit ended up busted for breaking-and-entering after she busted into a stranger’s house and cleaned the place without permission and left a bill!  Sue Warren didn’t even try to make a clean getaway — her invoice included her name, address and phone number, as well as details of what she’d done in the home. When Sherry Bush called, thinking thatWarren went to the wrong house by mistake, she was told, “I do this all the time … just stop by and clean your house.”Warren has done it at least once before, earning a criminal trespassing citation for her trouble.

Neighbors of an 84 year old Swedish woman became concerned when they noticed the woman’s newspaper hadn’t been brought inside and the woman failed to show up for church on Sunday. Friends and neighbors contacted the building’s caretaker and went to the woman’s apartment. They found the poor lady stuck in a folding chair!!  The elderly woman said she had been enjoying the sunshine Saturday when the fabric of the chair tore and she fell through. She said she attempted to free herself but wound up trapped for two days.

 A California woman who was not identified, was spotted drinking from a large bottle of vodka on the sidewalk outside an auto repair shop before strolling in, taking off her top, and running around the place screaming at the top of her lungs. Once she’d cleared the place, she grabbed a crowbar and launched into Hulk-ette smash mode in the waiting room. When cops arrived, they managed to arrest her without incident — with one saying, “She was so out of it, she just fell on the ground.”

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