Friday 6/1

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A Cleveland-area woman try­ing to make a tidy profit ended up busted for breaking-and-entering after she busted into a stranger’s house and cleaned the place with­out per­mis­sion and left a bill!  Sue War­ren didn’t even try to make a clean get­away — her invoice included her name, address and phone num­ber, as well as details of what she’d done in the home. When Sherry Bush called, think­ing that­War­ren went to the wrong house by mis­take, she was told, “I do this all the time … just stop by and clean your house.“Warren has done it at least once before, earn­ing a crim­i­nal tres­pass­ing cita­tion for her trouble.

Neigh­bors of an 84 year old Swedish woman became con­cerned when they noticed the woman’s news­pa­per hadn’t been brought inside and the woman failed to show up for church on Sun­day. Friends and neigh­bors con­tacted the building’s care­taker and went to the woman’s apart­ment. They found the poor lady stuck in a fold­ing chair!!  The elderly woman said she had been enjoy­ing the sun­shine Sat­ur­day when the fab­ric of the chair tore and she fell through. She said she attempted to free her­self but wound up trapped for two days.

 A Cal­i­for­nia woman who was not iden­ti­fied, was spot­ted drink­ing from a large bot­tle of vodka on the side­walk out­side an auto repair shop before strolling in, tak­ing off her top, and run­ning around the place scream­ing at the top of her lungs. Once she’d cleared the place, she grabbed a crow­bar and launched into Hulk-ette smash mode in the wait­ing room. When cops arrived, they man­aged to arrest her with­out inci­dent — with one say­ing, “She was so out of it, she just fell on the ground.”

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