Friday 6/23

Canadian students at an all-girls private school had to be rescued from a “mass hypnosis,” which lasted for five hours in one case! Hypnotist Maxime Nadeau had to call on his mentor Richard Whitbread to help. Whitbread said “Their eyes were open and there was nobody home.”  Whitbread used a technique in which he re-hypnotized the girls, and then brought them out using a stern voice. He said that because Nadeau was a young, attractive man, the young girls were perhaps too willing to follow his instructions.

Texas woman Stephanie Dillard crashed her car into a bus stop, banging it up pretty seriously, but not causing any major injuries to herself or her three kids. The trauma did, however, jar her sweet tooth into action, so she wandered over to a CVS drug store and headed straight for the freezer, where she helped herself to a container of ice cream and started to disrobe!  The snack didn’t soothe her nerves, since officers reported “she put up a fight” when they arrived on the scene to arrest her for leaving the scene of an accident.

A Massachusetts woman is feeling under par after getting her car stuck in a local golf course sand trap – a mishap she blamed on her GPS and not the half-liter of vodka she admitted to drinking before noon. Patricia Malone was unsteady on her feet and slurring her words when cops arrived to find her spinning her wheels in the trap – which she says she hit after the device told her to turn left, which she did. Malone, who thought she had driven into a cornfield, had a Burger King cup filled with booze next to her in the car, but continued to blame her navigation system. The woman, who faces a variety of misdemeanors, also told a responding officer that she “didn’t even like golf.”

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