Friday 6/29

Police in Mass­a­chu­setts said an alleged bur­glar was foiled when his head became stuck under a garage door for sev­eral hours. Brock­ton, MApo­lice said an employee at the local Rent-A-Center showed up for work around 9 a.m. and dis­cov­ered Manuel Her­nan­dez, 54, with his head stuck between the garage door and the ground! Inves­ti­ga­tors said Her­nan­dez, who unsuc­cess­fully tried to con­vince the employee he was at the busi­ness for a legit­i­mate pur­pose, used a metal bed post to try to pry the back garage door open and man­aged to lift it about 7 or 8 inches before try­ing to shimmy under. Her­nan­dez, who was taken to a hos­pi­tal to receive treat­ment for a bruise on his head, will face charges of break­ing and enter­ing and mali­cious dam­age to property.

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