Friday 6/6

A Tennessee woman was arrested after repeatedly calling 911 to complain that her male neighbor had a crush on her husband. The woman, who was allegedly intoxicated, refused to listen when she was told she couldn’t use 911 for a non-emergency situation. So when she made her next call, she phoned in her own arrest.  She was charged with unlawful use of 911

In Sweden, a nine-year-old boy shocked bystanders by waving a toy gun around! He allegedly screamed, “It’s loaded,” before breaking into an electric car and leading cops on a 10-minute joyride that ended with a crash. The boy tried to flee the scene, but was grabbed by an adult who got there ahead of the police. The boy is too young to face criminal charges, but his case has been turned over to social services.

A Washington state school bus driver said at his sentencing hearing he groped teenage girls and women because he had consumed too much caffeine.  Come on!  I drink coffee like water and I’ve Never groped a girl.  Maybe some dude…  Kenneth Sands, 51, who was charged with five counts of fourth-degree assault, told the judge, “The caffeine  caused a psychotic episode!” The Lewis County sheriff’s office said Sands was attending a volleyball game in Oct when he allegedly touched a 46-year-old woman’s breasts three times and grabbed her buttocks when she tried to get away from him. He also allegedly grabbed a 15-year-old girl’s buttocks outside of a bus after the game and slapped a 16-year-old girl’s behind as she was boarding the vehicle. The sheriff’s office said Sands got onto the school bus and touched a girl in an inappropriate manner before being kicked off by the driver. Sands has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for each count of creepiness.

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