Friday 6/8


If you’re ever in the Canadian wilderness and somebody offers you a “chocolate-covered almond,” beware. The parents of two Manitoba teenagers are furious after adults tricked their children into eating moose droppings on a school
canoe trip! One mother says her son was offered the “almonds” by a parent chaperone.  “As soon as it hit his mouth somebody tells him, ‘You just ate moose poop,’ and the whole group of people started laughing at him.” Another girl fell for the same trick, and got the moose poop stuck in her braces.  The mother is accusing them of bullying.  Ha!  When I was very young I was on a trail in the woods with my dad and I saw deer poop on the ground and asked him what it was.  My dad told me it was candy.  To this day I don’t eat chocolate covered raisins.

 Suffering from pneumonia, Kelvin a young Brazillian boy had stopped breathing at a hospital; he was declared dead, placed in a plastic bag, and given to his parents. During the wake, Kelvin reawakened, asking for water, his family says. “Everybody started to scream … We thought a miracle had taken place and our boy had come back to life,” his father Antonio says. But “then Kelvin just
laid back down, the way he was. We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again.” The family took the boy back to the hospital, where the staff confirmed he was dead.

 A Texas thug who was hauled in on a domestic disturbance charge had a not-so-happy reunion with the arresting officer, who’d arrested him before — as the officer was reminded, thanks to a tattoo on the guy’s leg. Cops were taking note of Jonathan Thompson’s tattoos — a common practice after arrests — when one of them noticed that one of them included the officer’s name! When asked why he had the “Woody Wallace can (bleep) my [unmentionable body part]” inked on his thigh, the perp gave the sad reply, “Because I was mad at you last time.”

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