Friday 6/8


If you’re ever in the Cana­dian wilder­ness and some­body offers you a “chocolate-covered almond,” beware. The par­ents of two Man­i­toba teenagers are furi­ous after adults tricked their chil­dren into eat­ing moose drop­pings on a school
canoe trip! One mother says her son was offered the “almonds” by a par­ent chap­er­one.  “As soon as it hit his mouth some­body tells him, ‘You just ate moose poop,’ and the whole group of peo­ple started laugh­ing at him.” Another girl fell for the same trick, and got the moose poop stuck in her braces.  The mother is accus­ing them of bul­ly­ing.  Ha!  When I was very young I was on a trail in the woods with my dad and I saw deer poop on the ground and asked him what it was.  My dad told me it was candy.  To this day I don’t eat choco­late cov­ered raisins.

 Suf­fer­ing from pneu­mo­nia, Kelvin a young Brazil­lian boy had stopped breath­ing at a hos­pi­tal; he was declared dead, placed in a plas­tic bag, and given to his par­ents. Dur­ing the wake, Kelvin reawak­ened, ask­ing for water, his fam­ily says. “Every­body started to scream … We thought a mir­a­cle had taken place and our boy had come back to life,” his father Anto­nio says. But “then Kelvin just
laid back down, the way he was. We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again.” The fam­ily took the boy back to the hos­pi­tal, where the staff con­firmed he was dead.

 A Texas thug who was hauled in on a domes­tic dis­tur­bance charge had a not-so-happy reunion with the arrest­ing offi­cer, who’d arrested him before — as the offi­cer was reminded, thanks to a tat­too on the guy’s leg. Cops were tak­ing note of Jonathan Thompson’s tat­toos — a com­mon prac­tice after arrests — when one of them noticed that one of them included the officer’s name! When asked why he had the “Woody Wal­lace can (bleep) my [unmen­tion­able body part]” inked on his thigh, the perp gave the sad reply, “Because I was mad at you last time.”

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