Friday 7/13

 A British woman who was obsessed with the saucy novel 50 Shades of Grey ended up a lit­tle saucier than she might have liked. Emma McCor­mack ended up drenched in steak sauce after boyfriend Ray­mond Hodg­son threw a fit over her refusal to ditch the book, which he con­sid­ered “porno­graphic.” The cou­ple began their argu­ment via text mes­sage, but it esca­lated into a food fight when Hodg­son drove over to McCormack’s home and squirted her with the BBQ sauce when she answered the door.


A Florida man gave pros­e­cu­tors a case to sink their teeth into after he broke into a stranger’s house and uri­nated on the floor before bit­ing a chunk out of the resident’s stom­ach. It took cops five taser shots to bring down Jere­miah Haughee, who was already hob­bled from jump­ing off a neigh­bor­ing roof with enough force to do severe dam­age to the pickup truck he landed on. Haughee, who was naked and intox­i­cated when cops arrived, smashed sev­eral items in the home before being sub­dued in a pud­dle of his own urine. Besides bit­ing the home’s occu­pant, Haughee also sank his teeth into one of the cops on the scene. He was booked on charges of burglary/assault, aggra­vated bat­tery, bat­tery on a law enforce­ment offi­cer and crim­i­nal mischief.


Ore­gon man Jose Ramon Gar­cia was report­edly already extremely intox­i­cated when he strolled into the ER of a local hos­pi­tal and politely requested that he be given cocaine. When that request was declined, Gar­cia went to sit in the wait­ing room, where he began to punch a woman in the face – prompt­ing staffers to call cops for help. Gar­cia bit one of the respond­ing offi­cers, lead­ing the other to turn a taser on him – a repeat of the taser­ing he got in May when he walked into a con­ve­nience store and began drink­ing beer out of the refrig­er­ated case.

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