Friday 7/13

 A British woman who was obsessed with the saucy novel 50 Shades of Grey ended up a little saucier than she might have liked. Emma McCormack ended up drenched in steak sauce after boyfriend Raymond Hodgson threw a fit over her refusal to ditch the book, which he considered “pornographic.” The couple began their argument via text message, but it escalated into a food fight when Hodgson drove over to McCormack’s home and squirted her with the BBQ sauce when she answered the door.


A Florida man gave prosecutors a case to sink their teeth into after he broke into a stranger’s house and urinated on the floor before biting a chunk out of the resident’s stomach. It took cops five taser shots to bring down Jeremiah Haughee, who was already hobbled from jumping off a neighboring roof with enough force to do severe damage to the pickup truck he landed on. Haughee, who was naked and intoxicated when cops arrived, smashed several items in the home before being subdued in a puddle of his own urine. Besides biting the home’s occupant, Haughee also sank his teeth into one of the cops on the scene. He was booked on charges of burglary/assault, aggravated battery, battery on a law enforcement officer and criminal mischief.


Oregon man Jose Ramon Garcia was reportedly already extremely intoxicated when he strolled into the ER of a local hospital and politely requested that he be given cocaine. When that request was declined, Garcia went to sit in the waiting room, where he began to punch a woman in the face – prompting staffers to call cops for help. Garcia bit one of the responding officers, leading the other to turn a taser on him – a repeat of the tasering he got in May when he walked into a convenience store and began drinking beer out of the refrigerated case.

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