Friday 7/20

In New Zealand, dozens of traf­fic signs have been destroyed!  More than 40 poles have been bent, buck­led or bro­ken in the past 18 months, cost­ing tax­pay­ers thou­sands of dol­lars to replace. What’s hap­pen­ing?  Appar­ently, pros­ti­tutes are per­form­ing pole dances in the street to attract clients!  Some­thing tells me New Zealand is not in the top 10 list for fit countries

Upper Darby police said Ais­hana Clay­ton, 26, was caught steal­ing a pack­age of Pam­pers dia­pers at a Path­mark store and was taken to the secu­rity office where she strug­gled with a female secu­rity guard. The guard grabbed onto Clayton’s shirt, but the sus­pect man­aged to get free of the gar­ment and fled the store top­less. (Here’s a quote that will be regret­ted later on) “Her breasts were swing­ing as she ran to the car,” Police Super­in­ten­dent Michael Chit­wood said.

Neigh­bors called author­i­ties after Lind­say Stevens whipped out his tool and revved it up to saw down a tree that needed cut­ting – I’d tell you to get your mind out of the gut­ter but the truth is, this is the lat­est inci­dent in a long-running series of nude run-ins with the pudgy home­owner. Police have been called out to Stevens’ place sev­eral times in the past, to answer com­plaints about him walk­ing around the yard in the buff and mow­ing the lawn in his birth­day suit.

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